• Gym/Weight training card
  • Combi card
  • Personal training and nutritional adviser
    Prices are valid from July 1, 2013.
    Membership fee of SEK 50.

Daytime card is valid weekdays 7.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m. and weekends.
Spin is included in all group- and gym/weight training cards.
“Run in group” is included in the group- and gym/weight training card at Frescatihallen.

Gym/Weight training

Daytime card (30 days + 3 months) are not available to buy during 12/5-10/8.

Type of cardU-studentOther studentOthers
15 months390042905010
12 months327035504530
9 months292032453995
6 months200022702825
6 months - day card157518102245
3 months154518152335
3 months - day card124014501870
30 days7459801270
30 days - day card5857801025
One time fee90100110

Combi card

All group-, spin- and weight training in Frescatihallen + running in group.

Type of cardU-studentOther studentOthers
Goldcard #392548255890
15 months427551756350
12 months367045105500
9 months335541355000
6 months236030003665
6 months day card188024052880
3 months182523452795
30 days91511751500
One time fee90100110

# Goldcard gives you 10% discount on personal training, massage etc. (guilty for number 1-7 in the box with prices for personal training etc.)

Personal training and nutritional adviser

You can use this offer only if you have a gymcard!
If you have the Goldcard you get 10% discount of the prices for number 1-7 below.

Personal training – Package

Special made training programs etc. is included. Test your condition, mobility etc. We give you feed-back and follow up your training. Therapeutic stretching and nutritional adviser.

 U-Stud.Other stud.Others
1 time420470525
3 times123013801545
5 times201521602545
10 times385043154935
15 times552561907165
20 times703578809240
3 times112512601500
1 time350370390
1 time100120150
5. FITNESS TEST (30 min)
1 time250270290
6. MASSAGE (60 min)
1 time460510575
5 times218524252730
10 times414045905175
7. MASSAGE (30 min)
1 time275340410
5 times131016151950
10 times247530603690

Various price ranges

  • U-student (Universitystudentprice)
    Students studying at the University of Stockholm. The student must be able to show a valid studentmembership card  from any Student Union at the University of Stockholm (SUS, Söder S, MF, Östra föreningen or GI/IHR).
    Members of KTH Student Union, get the U-student price for all dance, volleyball, racket and basketball courses, as well as indoor and outdoor football tournaments. A valid membership card must be presented.
  • Other-student
    Other higher education and high school students in Stockholm with a valid studentmembership card from any Student Union in Stockholm.
  • Others
    Non-students and other students. Also for those studying at a folk high-school or municipality adult education.

SSIF-rules and information regarding the purchase of passes