About SSIF

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SSIF has around 20 divisions which organise 40 or so different sports activities. Training for beginners is available within all sections. At SSIF adults also have the chance to try out new sports and forms of exercise.


SSIF organises activities at 35 locations around Stockholm. At Frescatihallen you will find SSIF’s group and weight training activities as well as having the chance to play badminton or tennis.

Reasonable prices

Training with SSIF is reasonably priced for everyone. SSIF is a sports association for students in Stockholm, just as our name suggests, but everyone is welcome to train with SSIF. This is the reason for our three different price categories:

  • U-student (Universitystudentprice)
    Students studying at the University of Stockholm. The student must be able to show valid studentcard from the University or studentmembership card (campuskort) from any Student Union at the University.
  • Other-student
    Other higher education and high school students in Stockholm with a valid studentcard in Stockholm.
  • Others
    Non-students and other students. Also for those studying at a folk high-school or municipality adult education.


Despite the low prices we do not compromise on quality. SSIF’s goal is training with quality at the right price.

Age Limit

SSIF has an age limit of 16 years.


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